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Southern California Teen Substance Abuse Residential Treatment

Center for Discovery provides residential treatment for teens and adolescents dealing with substance abuse. Our program is specialized to provide the highest quality treatment for teens and adolescents dealing with drug abuse and alcohol abuse. Every member of our team is deeply committed to the well-being and healing of our residents and their families. At Center for Discovery, we are extremely effective at addressing denial and any lack of understanding about the severity of substance abuse. All members of our treatment team meet as a group once a week, at a minimum, to discuss each residentís progress and treatment. The treatment team also communicates regularly in smaller groups to ensure everyone is updated, treatment is coordinated and any concerns can be addressed. Helping our residents understand their substance abuse, identify the substance abuse cycle, and the underlying contributing factors underlying the substance abuse is our focus.

At Center for Discovery, we strongly believe that teens and adolescents dealing with substance abuse require and deserve specialized treatment. We provide individualized treatment to produce emotional, social, spiritual and behavioral growth. With years of experience helping teens with substance abuse, we have developed a proprietary process and a legacy for successfully helping our residents. Our substance abuse treatment process is family based, keeping the family closely involved as a support system. Each week, our residents spend at least four hours with their therapist and an average of four hours per day in group therapy sessions in addition to therapeutic family events. Residential treatment is one of very few settings where this level of therapy can take place. Center for Discovery provides substance abuse treatment in a home-like setting in a residential neighborhood. The environment is closely supervised, nurturing and structured to provide a setting that allows teens to focus on their substance abuse treatment, not on other environmental factors and distractions. The home-like setting and residential neighborhood serve to help our residents be more comfortable and make the transition between home and residential treatment feel safe and secure.

Center for Discovery is licensed by the state of California and is JCAHO accredited as a residential treatment center. JCAHO accreditation and certification is a nationally recognized symbol of quality that reflects our commitment to the highest treatment and performance standards. At Center for Discovery, many of our residents are referred from medical professionals and many of our residentís stays are fully covered by insurance. We consistently provide thorough information to referring physicians so treatment flows seamlessly from residential treatment to beyond.

If your teen is dealing with substance abuse, we can help. At Center for Discovery, we understand that seeking residential treatment can be a hard decision. If your teen and family is in crisis, please call us today at 800-760-3934.
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